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Duron Harmon Explains The Importance Of Patriots' 'Big Rehearsal' Against Panthers
Wednesday, August 22, 2018 3:59 PM America

Patriots safety Duron Harmon said the club is using this week as a "rehearsal" in terms of what a week of preparation will look like in the regular season.

Safety Duron Harmon, one of many players who are likely to play a large percentage of Friday's game, knows the team is taking the game as seriously as they would if it were in the regular season. He also explained the team's current approach to game prep, and their goal of being ready for the weekly routines of real games when they arrive.

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"This is an important game," Harmon said. "They're going to be ready to go, because this is like a big rehearsal. You've got to use these games, truly, as a time to get prepared to familiarize yourself with what you're going to do in the season.

"You don't want your first week of preparation and studying film to be the first week [of the regular season]. You want to be able to do it now. You want to take your preparation for the entire week and start doing it now, so that when you get in the flow of things for game one of the regular season, you'll have a good routine. You'll have something that you can follow and work with."Duron Harmon Jersey .

It's now on them to build upon last Thursday's win, this time entering with an opponent-specific gameplan for the Panthers. It remains to be seen how much Harmon's comments on the Patriots' preparation come to fruition against Cam Newton and Carolina, and whether the team's approach will translate to early success in the regular season.