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New Contract Seems To Indicate Tom Brady Will Play in 2019
Monday, August 13, 2018 4:53 PM America

According to a report from the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin on Saturday, Brady’s new contract could indicate he will not only be playing through this year’s 2018 season, but he will also play in 2019.

Brady missed the Patriots' exhibition opener Thursday with what was termed a sore back, which may have been a smoke screen for the veteran quarterback. There's not much reason for the team to press its luck with the 41-year-old, but the mere fact he participated in team drills Sunday bodes well for him being available Thursday in a Super Bowl rematch with the Eagles.

Since Brady is one of the best players in the NFL, he is vastly underpaid compared to other players in the NFL, especially quarterbacks. With some money still available, the Patriots recently reworked the contract of Brady in order to give him the opportunity to make some more money this coming season.

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The new incentives will allow Brady to make another $5 million this coming season if he performs like he has over the past few years. Brady was in the Top 5 in the NFL last season in passing touchdowns, passing yards, completion percentage, yards per attempt, and quarterback rating.

Tom Brady’s cap number is still $22M for 2018, while his cap number for 2019 has jumped by $5M to $27M. Brady gets the shot to (very likely) earn $5M in extra money, the team preserves its 2018 cap flexibility.”this one is from ESPN's Field Yates.

But the potential incentive payments count immediately, given that they will be classified as “likely to be earned,” based on the fact that he achieved every milestone last year that he needs to hit this year.So it’s a wash; the bonus drops the cap number by $5 million, and the incentives push it back up by $5 million.

With Brady getting his deal reworked, we will now have to wait and see if they do something similar for Gronkowski. Like Brady, Gronkowski is also underpaid and certainly deserves the opportunity to make some more money.